Ramos H. Tsosie

Mobile Health Paramedic, Santa Fe Fire Department

Nicole Ault, LCSW

Mobile Integrated Health Social Worker, Santa Fe Fire Department

Andrew Padilla

Chief of Police, City of Santa Fe

Marco Serna

Judicial District Attorney, State of New Mexico

Bennett Baur

Chief Public Defender, Law Offices of the Public Defender

Andres Mercado

Mobile Integrated Health Officer, Santa Fe Fire Department

Michelle Williams

Lieutenant, Santa Fe Police Department

Johnny Osborn, Esq.

Chief Deputy District Attorney

Jerome Sanchez, Captain, (Retired)

Law Enforcement Training and Technical Assistance

Jennifer Manazanaras, CPSW

Deputy County Treasurer, Santa Fe County

Shelly Moeller, MPH, MCRP

Emily Kaltenbach, MPH

Senior Director, National Criminal Justice Reform Strategy and State Director, New Mexico

Bernie Lieving, MSW

Statewide Overdose Prevention Coordinator

Cathy Ansheles

Executive Director, New Mexico Criminal Defense Lawyers Association

Christa Coggins

VP for Community Philanthropy, Santa Fe Community Foundation