Who are the LEAD Santa Fe Clients?

As of February 1, 2018, law enforcement officers referred 141 clients to LEAD.

The following data describes the LEAD clients:

  • 65% are female (two-thirds)
  • 88% are Hispanic; 5% are Native AMerican, 7% are white
  • Average age is 26 
  • 96% (46 clients) have a duel diagnosed mental health and substance use disorder
  • 29% have at least one child under the age of 18 years old.
  • 35%, or one-third, completed high school and 24%, or almost one-quarter, have completed some college. 10% are currently enrolled in vocational training or college.
  • 20% are employed.

 Quote from a LEAD client:  

"I've never felt so good! Now I've been given a chance to save my life.  

Turn negative into positive. Time to fix my mistakes.

Honesty, suoport and serenity are my stepping stones.

Recovery is possible. I'm living proof." - Forever Growing


The following data describes short term impact: 

  • One out of three clients are in a Medicaiton Assisted Treatment Program.
  • One out of two clients who came to the program homeless are now housed.
  • Five clients gave birth to healthy babies.
  • One client is obtaining her Peer Support certification.
  • Eight clients are in recovery, working, and in need of miniminal services.