Intensive Case Management

Intensive case management is a core principle of the LEAD Santa Fe program. Intensive case management provides increased support and assistance in all aspects of the LEAD participant’s life. Participants engaged in problematic drug use require a more holistic approach to case management. They not only need access to medication assisted treatment and other drug treatment options, they need access to food, housing, legal advocacy, job training, etc. Overall they need increased support in accessing these services. A case manager uses a harm reduction approach to meet the LEAD participants where they are at in their wants and needs for assistance. The case manager creates an individualized care plan with the LEAD client. This plan is reviewed and updated every 6 months. LEAD Santa Fe's case managmenet services are provided by The Life Link.

Community Catalyst outlined the continuum of services that a case manager may coordinate for a LEAD client.

Please refer to the document by Community Catalyst on key components of case management in a pre-booking diversion program.

LEAD Clincal Staff:

     Yvette Medina                            Matthew Martin                    Dr. Michael DeBernardi                 Edward Davidson