Partners and Oversight

LEAD is the result of collaboration among a number of stakeholders that include law enforcement, district attorneys, public defenders, City and County Community Service Departments, Drug Policy Alliance, Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, and community members. All stakeholders are represented on LEAD’s Policy Coordinating Group. This group makes decisions about program policy and protocol by consensus via a memorandum of understanding (click here to see MOU). Participation in the LEAD Policy Coordinating Groups is entirely voluntary, and any stakeholder may choose to withdraw at any time.

Case Management, law enforcement officers, prosecution, public defenders, and the LEAD Legal Aid meet every other week to discuss specific cases of interest. This is also an opportunity for patrol officers to learn about the individuals they have referred into the program. Collaboration among these groups to address issues as they arise facilitates stronger relationships between these systems and creates a solid foundation for positive outcomes for clients and stakeholders alike. This group makes up the Case Coordinating Group.