System Cost, Program Cost and Funding Support

A cost analysis conducted in 2013, with support from the Santa Fe Community Foundation, showed that 100 individuals, arrested by City of Santa Fe Police for opiate possession or sales, cost more than $4 million dollars or an average of $42K per individual across local and state systems over the last 3 years (2010-2012). These same 100 individuals cost the city $1 million dollars in jail/detention costs over 3 years for a total of 11,502 jail days. They were arrested 590 times by police officers in the 3 years; officers spent an average of 9.3 hours per arrest. A majority (91 out of 100) were repeat offenders with a pattern of being re-arrested every 6 months. 51% of those individuals had property crime histories. Projected cost of a LEAD client, including intensive treatments and wrap-around services, was estimated at $34,000 per individual over 3 years. This estimate did not include Medicaid coverage. For a copy of the full report, click here.

A cost analysis conducted in June 2015, 18 months into LEAD program implementation, showed the average annual service cost per LEAD client was $6000/client/year, or $500/client/month. However, Medicaid covered most service cost (60% of all costs) such as counseling, treatment, and case management. The highest cost outside of treatment and case management was housing support.  Until Santa Fe hosts a housing first program, housing will be the most challenging cost for the LEAD program.  

LEAD Santa Fe has been supported by public and private funds, including support from the Open Society Foundations, City of Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, McCune Foundation, Just Woke Up Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation, and Private Donors.

Refer to the document by Community Catalyst about Financing and Sustainability Options for Pre-Arrest Diversion Programs.